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Team Kona — Barry Wicks And Kris Sneddon — Takes The Lead At The BC Bike Race.

Editor’s Note: Subaru/Gary Fisher pro endurance racer Nat Ross will be sharing daily diaries from the BC Bike Race with VeloNews.com readers. This is the fourth installment.

Mountain Bike Stage Racing is epic and crazy!

We are heading into the 5th stage Wednesday, and every day a different team has started with the yellow jersey. Lining up at the start line tomorrow in yellow is Team Kona of Barry Wicks and Kris Sneddon.

Today was Canada Day, so it was inevitable that one of the Canadian pros on the start list planned for victory. It’s no surprise that Kris Sneddon’s master plan came together as he grew up in Sechelt, were we finished today. Most mountain bikers give back to the community and Kris is no exception. He and his father actually built and worked on all of the singletrack trails for the last 20 kilometers.

Let me tell you first hand that those trails were sweet. I really enjoyed riding them even though I was gripped several times. I like to ride skinnies and bridges on my mountain bike, but racing them at speed in a stage race when you are worked, bonking, and tired is a completely different story.

Today, I actually came into a bridge at a bad angle and rode right off the middle of it into a fern-filled ditch four feet below. Luckily, I saw that mistake coming and was prepared for the roll off. I am sure that some racers weren’t as fortunate, as I saw bandages on lots of people at the dinner tonight. Most peoples’ arms are scratched from branches, leaves, and trees on the side of the trail, but a lot of racers are sporting fresh gauze bandages.

The trails on this course are so much fun to ride and it just keeps on getting better. More and more singletrack everyday — Yee Haw! My race and that of my partner on the Subaru Gary Fisher Team, Chris Beck, are not going as planned so far.

We are currently sitting in 6th overall and would like to be on the podium in three days. However, the time gaps are starting to get bigger and bigger. We had an OK race today considering Chris flatted within the first ten minutes and we had to chase back all day by ourselves. We even missed a turn and had to pass several teams twice. That’s stage racing. It’s harder than you think it is going to be and always an adventure.

Congratulations to Kris Sneddon and Barry Wicks today for a great race. If you are ever on Kris’s trails you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself. What a great way to end a stage for him — winning in your own back yard.

Thanks for reading,
Nat Ross
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