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Fixed gear team to take on RAAM

The Adventures for the Cure (AFC) cycling team has entered the four-man relay category for the world’s longest bicycle race, the Race Across America, known simply as “RAAM.” This race has been called the world’s toughest bicycle race, covering over 3,000 miles from Oceanside,
CA to Annapolis, MD. The route is 1,000 miles longer than the 2008 Tour de France, and contains more than 100,000 feet of climbing. The race begins on June 11, 2008, in Oceanside, and ends on approximately June 18th in Annapolis.

The AFC team is riding Surly Steamroller fixed gear bikes in the 2008 RAAM. Their goal is to average 20 mph for the entire distance, but with stops, crew changeovers, and other considerations (downhills!) it will be a real challenge. Although it is a team race, the AFC team will run it as a series of 30 minute intervals all the way across the country.

The team of four is divided into two teams. One team sleeps while the other takes turns riding 30 min shifts for six hours. During those shifts one team van follows the rider on the course while the other van “leapfrogs” the second rider approximately 10 miles ahead. After 10 miles, they switch.

After six hours, the other team of 2 riders takes over. The team will continue this 24/7 from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD. If all goes well, the AFC expect to finish in just under seven days.

The AFC riders have some experience riding across the country on fixies, in 2006 they rode a wandering course from Oregon to Maryland. That route covered 6500 miles in 65 days, all on one gear. The 2006 trip was documented in a film which won the people’s choice award at the Beloit Film Festival in January this year. Trailers for the film are available at

Adventures for the Cure (AFC) is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization that was started in 2005 to raise money to find a cure for Diabetes. They also seek to raise awareness of the disease, and show those diagnosed with Diabetes, and their families, that leading a healthy and active lifestyle can move them beyond their perceived limits.

Adam Driscoll, the president of the organization, and the top rider, is a Type 1 diabetic. He is also a terrific cyclist, and he attended the Team Type 1 Cycling Team training camp in California this spring. The AFC also raises awareness and funds for other causes that the board of directors selects for each adventure.

The headquarters of AFC is in Ellicott City, MD, about 30 miles by bike from the finish of the 2008 RAAM in Annapolis, MD.

The team’s primary cycling industry sponsor is Surly Bikes, who provided them with the Steamrollers. They are also sponsored locally by Princeton Sports in Columbia, MD and by Omni Pod and Dexcom who build medical tools that aid in the management of diabetes. The team also solicits donations from the public and also audiences when they screen the documentary. Tax deductible donations are accepted through the AFC website.

The AFC RAAM team is composed of four riders and nine support staff. The team leader is Adam Driscoll of Halethorpe, MD, president and co-founder of AFC, and a member of the 2006 6500 mile team. Patrick Blair of Elkridge, MD is the co-founder of AFC and also a veteran of the 2006 adventure. Pat and Adam were both members of the Cross-country/track team at University of Maryland Baltimore County from 2002-2003. The two other riders are
Adam’s little brother Alex Driscoll, and Keith Rohr. Alex, 23, also brings a Division I cross country/track runner background to the team, along with limitless energy as the youngest rider. Keith, 42, is the oldest member of the team. He is a former category 3 bicycle racer whose experience in cycling is as important to the team as are his legs.

More information about Adventures for The Cure is available at ww.adventuresforthecure.com or by emailing adventuresforthecure@gmail.com.

Adam Driscoll
Residence: Halethorpe, MD
Age: 26
Type I diabetic

Patrick Blair
Residence: Elkridge, MD
Age: 26

Alex Driscoll
Residence: Halethorpe, MD
Age: 23

Keith Rohr
Residence: Ellicot City, MD
Age: 42