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Luna rules STXC, Kiwis crush DH at Deer Valley

Luna swept the top three spots on the podium in Sunday’s short track cross country during the fourth stop of the National Mountain Bike Series at the Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah.

Katerina Nash took the honors in 23:47, with Catherine Pendrel second at 11 seconds back and Georgia Gould third at 48 seconds.

Geoff Kabush (Maxxis) won the men’s race in 23:39, four seconds ahead of Ryan Trebon (Kona) with Carl Decker (Giant) third at 11 seconds.

In gravity action, a pair of Kiwis won the downhill, dual slalom and Super D — Justin Leov (Yeti-Fox Shox), Cameron Cole (Maxxis) and Sam Blenkisop (Yeti-Fox Shox Factory Team), respectively. Joanna Petterson took the women’s downhill and Super D, while Melissa Buhl (KHS Bicycles) won the women’s DS.


Short track


1. Geoff Kabush (Can), Team Maxxis, 23:39.41

2. Ryan Trebon (USA), Kona, 23:43.11

3. Carl Decker (USA), Giant, 23:50.34

4. Jeremiah Bishop (USA), Trek-VW, 23:52.57

5. Ross Schnell (USA), Trek-VW, 24:20.20


1. Katerina Nash (USA), Luna, 23:47.79

2. Catherine Pendrel (Can), Luna, 23:58.73

3. Georgia Gould (USA), Luna, 24:35.18

4. Heather Irmiger (USA), Subaru-Gary Fisher, 24:50.99

5. Kathy Sherwin (USA), Sobe-Cannondale, 25:00.97



1. Justin Leov (NZ), Yeti-Fox Shox Factory Team, 3:01.41

2. Amiel Cavalier (USA), Giant, at 00:05.87

3. Sam Blenkisop (NZ), Yeti-Fox Shox Factory Team, at 00:05.9

4. Aaron Gwin (USA), Yeti Cycles, at 00:06.08

5. Chris Van Dine (USA), Cannondale, at 00:09.80


1. Joanna Petterson (RSA), at 3:53.21

2. Darian Harvey (USA), Sobe-Cannondale, at 00:12.63

3. Lisa Myklak (USA), Spyder-Fox-Black Market, at 00:16.02

4. Amy Laird (NZ), at 00:20.38

5. Leana Gerrard (USA), Mona Vie Cannondale, at 00:28.18

Dual slalom


1. Cameron Cole (NZ), Maxxis

2. Petr Hanak (USA), Totally Wired

3. Chris Boice (USA), Yeti-Fox Shox Factory Team

4. Aaron Gwi (USA), Yeti Cycles

5. Mike Haderer (USA), Fox Shox-Yeti


1. Melissa Buhl (USA), KHS Bicycles

2. Lisa Myklak (USA), Spyder-Fox-Black Market

3. Leana Gerrard (USA), Mona Vie Cannondale

4. Joanna Petterson (RSA)

5. Jessica Vog (USA), Ely-Turner

Super D


1. Sam Blenkisop, (NZ), Yeti-Fox, 5:44.81

2. Amiel Cavalier (Aus), Giant, 5:45.56

3. Waylon Smith (GB), 5:47.35

4. Jon Wilson (USA), Northstar, 5:55.59

5. Cameron Cole (NZ), Maxxis, 5:56.16


1. Joanna Petterson (RSA), 7:04.88

2. Amy Laird (NZ), 7:06.52

3. Connie Misket (USA), Velo Bella, 7:20.53

4. Rachel Throop (USA), Devo, 7:24.26

5. Amanda Riley-Carey (USA), Kenda-Titu, 7:35.80

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