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Webinar for bike industry engineers announced

Noran Engineering, Inc. (NEi) today announced it will broadcast the 2nd part of a series of webinars that will focus on the use of finite element analysis (FEA) during the design cycle with its NEi Fusion FEA tool. This webinar will cover composites analysis in the design stage and focus on construction of finite element models with orthotropic materials, obtaining structural analysis solutions, and the subsequent post processing capabilities to pinpoint problem areas down to specific plies in a composite part. The webinar is scheduled for 11:00am U.S. Pacific Time (2:00pm Eastern Time) on Wednesday, April 16, 2008. Interested parties can go to http://www.nenastran.com/webinaremail/ for more details and to register for the event.

“We are excited to demonstrate NEi Fusion’s unique composite analysis capabilities during the design phase”, says Craig Preston, U.S. Strategic Sales Manager for the NEi Fusion product. “The synergy between a robust parametric CAD modeler and NEi Nastran has now created an exciting opportunity for engineering/design organizations to become more efficient while utilizing significantly more cost effective Nastran based tools. This entire webinar series has broad appeal – from consultants looking to work in the core Nastran industries of aerospace, automotive, and maritime, to product development professionals (such as composite engineers in the bicycle industry) searching for easy to use, powerful, precise, efficient, and affordable FEA tools that will provide them a unique collaborative environment between designers, analysts, customers, and vendors.”

About NEi Fusion
NEiFusion was developed by Noran Engineering to bring the benefits of virtual product test technology to the earliest stage of product development where it can have the most impact on cost, innovation, quality, and time to market. NEi Fusion is a breakthrough product and because of its ease of use, Nastran based power & precision, efficiency, and affordability.
Web: www.neifusion.com Telephone: 714.899.1220 x 204 Email: craig.preston@noraneng.com

About Noran Engineering, Inc. (NEi)
Noran Engineering develops, sells, and supports NEi Nastran engineering analysis and simulation software worldwide for companies in aerospace, automotive, maritime, military, petrochemical, medical, electronics, and consumer products to speed up product development, reduce test and prototyping cost, insure quality, and optimize designs through virtual testing of structures with linear and nonlinear static, dynamic, and thermal loads.
Web: www.NEiNastran.com