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Pipps Power, stage 7 and wrap up

Frank Pipp's power output for stage 7.

Frank Pipp’s power output for stage 7.


Coach Frank Overton has been keeping VeloNews.com readers up to speed on Health Net-Maxxis rider Frank Pipp’s wattage output for the entire Tour de Georgia.

On Sunday, Pipp finished off a successful week by riding stage 7 at 324 normalized watts or 86 percent of his threshold power for 2 hours and 19 minutes.

“Considering how tired he was, 86 percent sometimes feels like 150 percent after over 900 kilometers racing,” Overton said.

“In total, Pipp spent 15 percent of the race’s kilometers and 16 percent of the race’s kilojoules off the front in breakaways. These kJ’s and kilometers are not only great for the team during the race, but they are fantastic for Frank’s training and will no doubt come in handy in the next seven weeks.

Pipp's final lap on stage 7

Pipp’s final lap on stage 7


“Being aggressive and riding hard in races is what I call a ‘maximum training benefit.’ Try it sometime in your next ‘training’ race,” Overton said.

Overton said having a full record of Pipp’s Tour de Georgia is invaluable.

“I know exactly where his training load and power is so that we can use this stage race as a spring board for his performance in May and June. By tracking his training load and measuring his power during the race, I also know what type and how much training will help Frank achieve his future goals. Most importantly I know how much Frank needs to rest,” he said.

“I’d like to thank the Health Net-Maxxis team for riding an aggressive race and especially thank Frank Pipp for pouring his guts out all over the roads of Georgia,” Overton said.

You can review the complete data files at www.fascatcoaching.com.

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