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KOM leader Frank Pipp’s power output

Frank Pipp cranking out the watts.

Frank Pipp cranking out the watts.

Photo: Casey B. Gibson

What kind of power did it take for Health Net-Maxxis rider Frank Pipp to win the KOM jersey in stage 2 of the Tour of Georgia?

According to his coach, Frank Overton, it took 874 watts or 12.5 watts/kg for 30 seconds.

“Pipp jumped 100 meters before a 90-degree left hand turn (12 secs @ 948w) then gave it full gas for 873 watts for the next 15 seconds, accelerating all the way to the line, ” Overton said.

“For the first 60k & 80 minutes of the race, Frank was on break duty and tagged several moves for 309 normalized watts, which is tempo wattage for him. As soon Justin England went clear, the speed of the peloton settled and Frank sat in the for an easy zone 2 ride of 220 watts for the next 21/2 hours.

“In and around the KOM, Frank’s power was the best I’ve seen this season, making me optimistic for the stages and opportunities in the race ahead.”

For more details on Pipp’s power recordings, you can see the full record at www.fascatcoaching.com

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