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Training Bible Studies with Joe and Dirk Friel – Working man’s dread

By Joe and Dirk Friel

Dear Joe and Dirk,
I am planning to work full time at a bicycle shop starting in Marchand am also working on upgrading to Category 2. Finding time to ride willnot be too much of an issue, but I am concerned about being on my feetfor seven to eight hours a day, four or five days a week. How much willthis affect my recovery and racing? Will it have a noticeable effect onmy peak fitness?

Should I do harder workouts in the morning or after I have been standingall day? I look forward to hearing your input.
New Hampshire.

Dear Corey
Having a job in which you stand a great deal can be tough when it comesto optimizing recovery time. Try to make your time at work as least stressfulas possible on your body by wearing well cushioned shoes, such as a runningshoe for support. You can also try to add a rubber mat to the floor spacewhere you typically stand if this is possible. The combination of runningshoes and a rubber mat can make a big difference when compared to a cementfloor and rigid shoes.

Another good thing to keep in mind is proper hydration and eating highlynutritious foods while at work. Nutrition will play a large role in yourtraining program and can be a major focus for you while at work.

Your high intensity workouts may need to be saved for your days offfrom work. You may also want to add your hard workouts in before work whenenergy levels are high. Your legs may be too fatigued to get in a qualityworkout following work. There is no reason why you can’t have a solid peakif you maximize your rest days and make the most of your key workouts.
Good luck,
Dirk Friel

Joe Friel is the author of “TheCyclist’s Training bible.” Dirk Friel is a co-founder of TrainingBible.comand coaches along with Joe at Ultrafit Associates. For more informationon coaching and training software please visit www.Ultrafit.comand www.TrainingBible.com.If you have questions for this column, please send them to veloquestions@ultrafit.com

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