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Craig’s U23 title caps soggy day at ‘cross nationals

By Bryan Jew

Adam Craig

Adam Craig

Photo: Bryan Jew

The epic Pacific storm that camped out on the Northern California coast made a soupy mess out of the first day of the national cyclo-cross championships at the Domaine Chandon winery in Yountville, California, on Saturday, producing a sloppy, but compelling day of racing. The day was capped by the repeat win in the under-23 championship by Giant’s Adam Craig, who beat out Kona-Kenwood’s Barry Wicks and a surprising Ryan Trebon (Krystals) of North Carolina.

Eight inches of rain fell on Domaine Chandon, just north of Napa, on Friday, forcing organizers to re-route the course around some of the more delicate portions of the winery grounds, as well as remove the two barrier sections for all but the U23 race.

The shortened course featured a long pavement section before heading out into the deep soupy mud that tested the skills and power of the riders. Missing for most of the day, though, were the barriers, which officials decided to remove for safety concerns.

“It was weird. It didn’t feel like a ’cross race,” said Magen Long (Specialized).

In the day’s opening race, Long powered away from frequent rival Larssyn Staley (Saturn Development) and Rad Racing’s Karen Amundson to win her final race as a junior, the day after she turned 18 years old.

Following the junior women, Colorado’s Chris Stockburger (Monsoon Racing) showed power beyond his years in the junior men’s 15-16 race. Under the conditions, it was appropriate that the big Monsoon rider took the win, 19 seconds ahead of runner-up Tristan Skolrud (Rad Racing).



Photo: Bryan Jew

After Stockburger’s win, the rain let up for much of the morning, and under the more favorable conditions, UC Berkeley’s Kate Maher took the women’s collegiate title. Maher capitalized when race leader Jeannette Nussbaum (University of Washington) double flatted on lap three, and the UC Berkeley rider put in a strong front-running ride for the rest of the race to add the ’cross title to her collegiate road and mountain-bike championships.

In the combined collegiate/U23 women’s race, runner-up Megan Monroe (University of Wisconsin) took the U23 title over defending champion Alicia Genest (Richard Sachs).

One of the most impressive rides of the day came from Durance Cycles’ Richard Feldman in the men’s masters 30-34 race. Feldman powered to an early lead, only to drop back to fifth place after a third-lap flat. But Feldman charged back following his mishap, and took a decisive win ahead of Shannon Skerritt (Trek-VW).

As the rain began to fall again in the late morning, northern California rider Todd Hoefer (SallySpicer.com) of outdueled Andy Applegate (CCA-Trek) and Jon Card (Cane Creek) to take the men’s 35-39 race.

Racing Kain

Racing Kain

Photo: Bryan Jew

The rain just got harder for the masters women, but that didn’t slow former elite national champion Shari Kain (RLX Ralph Lauren), who won the 35-39 race and made her way through the entire 30-34 field that started 30 seconds ahead of her. Kathleen Lenno (Ritchey-Palo Alto) took the 30-34 race, with Susan Maclean (Gearworks-SRP) winning the 40-44s and Linda Elgart winning the 45+.

As the torrential rains continued, the U23 men prepared for the featured event of the day, and race officials lengthened the course and brought back one set of barriers.

On the opening lap, Wicks set the early pace, bolting to the front. “I usually try to start pretty fast to get things as strung out as possible,” Wicks said

Meanwhile, defending champion Craig got a slow start, mired in about 10th place. “I had a pretty typical start, for me, off the line, flailing around a bit,” he said.

However, within a lap, Craig had made his way up to early leaders Wicks and Trebon, and when North Carolina’s Trebon double flatted, it came down to a battle between Craig and Wicks. On the fourth of eight laps, Craig attacked, and shortly after Wicks dropped his chain coming out of the barriers, losing about 10 seconds.

From there, it was just a matter of Craig holding off Wicks, and he did, keeping the gap at 20-30 seconds over the final laps. Wicks took second, while Trebon battled back from his flat tires to take third.

With the win, Craig earned an automatic berth on the U.S. team for world’s in Monopoli, Italy. “The big goal is the rainbow jersey,” he said. “I’m just glad this next step went well.”

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2002 USCF National Cyclo-cross Championships;
Under-23 men;
1. Adam Craig, Giant, 0:45:54

2. Barry Wicks, Kona, 0:46:20

3. Ryan Trebon, Krystals, 0:46:50

4. Alan Obye, Balance Bar/Devo, 0:47:26

5. Josh Anthony, Cyclecross World.Com, 0:47:59

6. Russ Tiles, Chalchalah Racing, 0:48:56

7. Jeremy Powers, Team Devo, 0:49:35

8. Brian Astell, Ccb, 0:49:42

9. Troy Wells, Team Devo, 0:50:11

10. Toby Swanson, Rad Racing Nw, 0:50:30

11. Ryan Iddings, Rad Racing Nw, 0:50:30

12. Aaron Menenberg, Ti Cycles, 0:50:33

13. David Werling, Necsa/Fraysees Sports Resort, 0:51:29

14. Brent Bookwalter, Balance Bar/Devo, 0:51:56

15. Nathan Griffith, Suburban Homes/Wolverine Sports Club, 0:52:02

16. Akira Wong, Sally Spicer.Com

17. Michael Cody, Necsa

18. Juozas Martynaitis, Bicycle Warehuose/Gsr/Team Easty

19. David Binker, Richy-Nova

Brad Van Orden,

Bobby Lea, Team Fuji

Adam Snyder, Balance Bar Devo

Ryan Gamm, Miami Univ

Roman Kilun,

John Hanson, Necsa/Mike Fraysse’s Sports

Devin Zoller,

Mike House, West Virgina Gomart

Earendel Fingerfson, Lindsey Wilson College

William Quillman

Under 23 Women

1. Megan Monroe, 0:41:52

2. Erin Cameron North, Trek/Vw

3. Alicia Genest, Richard Sachs 0:44:03

4. Megan Elliott, 0:45:16

5. Jennifer Franklin, Shimano Velosport 0:46:47

-1 Reilly Dibner

-1 Martina Patella

-1 Courtney Bollman, Miami Univ

DNF Sally Harmon, Miami University

Collegiate women
1. Katherine Maher, UC Berkeley 0:41:02

2. Megan Monroe, 0:41:50

3. Sheila Vibert, Unh 0:42:54

4. Erin Cameron North, James Madison University 0:43:05

5. Alice Pennington, Oregon State Univ 0:43:13

6. Jeannette Nussbaum, Univ Of Washington 0:43:13

7. Anya Hinkle, University Of California Berkeley Cycling Team 0:43:47

8. Alicia Genest, Richard Sachs 0:44:03

9. Megan Elliott, 0:45:15

10. Catherine Dudley, Unh 0:45:39

11. Jacqui Lockwood, Northern Arizona University 0:46:02

12. Erin Olafsen, Unh 0:47:08

-1 Courtney Bollman, Miami Univ

-1 Adrienne Brown, University Of South Carolina

-1 Tarrah Macbeth, Lindsey Wilson College

-1 Stefanie Graeter, Uc Berkeley

-1 Karyn Labbe, Vnh Cycling

-1 Martina Patella,

-1 Sally Harmon, Miami Universsity

-2 Kristin Siebenlist, Marian College

-2 Stephanie Ward, Lindsey Wilson

Dnf Nicky Wangsgard, Unc Cycling

Dnf Alicia Genest, Richard Sachs

Dnf Emily Babcock, Oregon State Univ
Junior men 10-12

1. Alex Coelho 0:38:02

2. Luciano Worl Rad Racing Nw 0:38:13

3. Evan Schmitt 0:39:28

4. Davis Smith Internation Christian Cyclery 0:40:00

5. Brian Jorgensen 0:41:53

-2 Cole Cutright Asc Genisoy

Junior men 13-14

1. Tejay Van Garderen Share The Roads Racing 0:41:22

2. Ricardo Cruz 0:42:41

3. Chris Wade Carolinas Cyclocross Association

4. Daniel Summerhill

5. Tucker Olander Peerless/Hnecc

6. Jt Toepel Team Cornerstone

7. Nathan Bannerman

8. Mario Wilson Sgw/Tower/City Bike Works

9. Alex Howes

10. Ethan Tieger Essex County Velo

11. Blake Anton

-1 Ryan Barlow Coyote Hill

-1 Bryson Sewell Velo Del Norte

-1 Dylan Markell

-1 Johnathan Skeehan Asc Racing Genisoy

-2 Grant Boursaw Greggis/Trek

-2 Jt Bailey

-2 Noah Buckley Rad Racing

Dnf Grady Weiler Asc/Genisoy

Dnf Chance Noble Camarillo Ravens

Junior men 15-16

1. Christopher Stockburger Monsoon Racing 0:37:41

2. Tristan Skolrud Rad Racing 0:38:00

3. Adam Switters Sgw/Bianchi/Bicycle Planet 0:39:01

4. Taylor Lane Khsnm.Com 0:40:10

5. Derek Laan Gopher Wheelmen 0:40:17

6. Charles Marzot Corner Cycle Cycling Club 0:40:18

7. Adam Mcgrath Pro Peleton 0:40:19

8. Charles Kimball Khs 0:42:17

-1 Michael Hosey Petaluma High School

-1 Luke Brechwald Nso

-1 Stuart Knight-Williamson


Junior women 15-18:
1. Magen Long, Specialized, 0:32:06

2. Larssyn Staley, Saturn Development, 0:32:37

3. Karen Amundson, Rad Racing, 0:32:39

4. Lauren Trull, Earth Fare/Cca, 0:34:56

5. Thais Da Silva, Dogfish, 0:36:01

6. Michele Gibbson, 0:36:54

7. Tela Crane, Rad Racing Northwest, 0:38:16

8. Kristin Siebenlist, Dmos /Dmcc, 0:34:46

DNF Mesa Lange-Scovel,

Junior women 10-14:
1. Danielle Haulman, Team Cornerstone, 0:32:39

2. Amara Boursaw, Greggis/Trek, 0:33:44

Masters men 30-34:
1. Richard Feldman, Durance Cycleworks, 0:42:02

2. Shannon Skerritt, Trek/Vw, 0:42:42

3. Curt Davis, Wheelworks/Cannondale, 0:43:02

4. Steven Zdawczynski, Red Rocks Velo, 0:43:15

5. Brent Prenzlow, Celo Pacific/Cannondale, 0:43:38

6. Adam Hodges Myerson, Ncc/Bikereg.Com, 0:43:52

7. Joe Depaemelaere, 0:43:58

8. Christopher Peck, Wheelworks/Cannondale, 0:44:16

9. Brian Hludzinski, Vitamin Cottage, 0:44:22

10. Jeff Weinert, Independent Fabrication, 0:44:26

11. Brandon Dwight, Excel Sports/Ritchey, 0:44:38

12. Jonathan Bruno, Quad Cycles, 0:44:40

13. Ron Schmeer, Saturn Of Bellevue, 0:44:49

14. John Leonard, The Bike Gallery, 0:44:52

15. Robert Campbell, 0:45:08

16. Drew Guldalian, Wissahickon Cyclery, 0:45:13

17. Michael Hernandez, Reno Wheelmen, 0:45:31

18. Jd Bilodeau, Ncc-Bikereg.Com, 0:45:35

19. Aaron Kereluk, Hunter Cycles/ Bicycle Trip, 0:45:39

20. Mike Schindler, Sunnyside Sports, 0:45:58

21. Jeffrey Herrick, Independent Fabrication, 0:46:04

22. Matthew Hill, Ti Cycles Factory/S3, 0:46:14

23. Jonathan Owens, Missing Link/Bianchi, 0:46:20

24. Jason Van Marle, Jax-Trek-Vw, 0:46:28

25. Andy Johnston, Epx Bike Shop, 0:46:40

26. Gary Thompson, 0:46:54

27. Jason Pyrzynski,

28. Matt Kraus, Independent Fabrications

29. Anastasio Flores Jr, Abs/Rocklobster

DNF Brian Conant,

Andy May, Bianchi Usa

Steven Driscoll, Team Mack Racing Inc.

Al Senft, N Ky Flyers/Montgomery Cyclery

Monty Worthington, Tifosi Wines

Greg Becker, Cca/Trek

Wade Summers, Webevent.Com / Hvvc

John Funke, Sycip

John Degele, Bicycle Post

Damon Pettinger, Santa Cruz Spokesman

Justin Brown, Revolution Bicycles

Steve Roszko, Ncc / Bikereg.Com

David Carr, Napa Valley Velo

David Connery,

Brock Dickie, Armadillo Willy’s

Greg Bloom, Armadillo Willy’s

Lee Moser, Byron Lake Schwinn

Stephen Kent, Sycip

Robert Nelson, Missing Link/Bianchi

Robert Campos, So Ho Capital

Robert Stoik, Family Cycling Center

Mansur Nurullah, Clif Bar

Rich Visscher,

Tim Cannard, Www.Buy-Ccii.Com

Heath Maddox, Santa Cruz County Cycling Club

Dean Dealy, Khs Bicycles

Tony Leal,

Mark Robson, Team Bicycle Alley

Eric Bustos, Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club

Nicholas Rhodes,

Jeff Herring, Kelly Bike Company

Nathan Kiger, Dirtworld

Alex Andel, Ragnarok/K2

Kelly Cline,

Michael Yozell, Guys Bicycle Club/Serfs

Russ Clark, Ritchey/Palo Alto Bike

Jace Gifford, Hancock/Mcguire

Jon Erskine, Los Gatos Bike Race Club

Shawn Harshman, Pedalhome.Com / Roguewave

Bill Crank, Ces/Schellers

Jason Pfeifer,

John Weller,

Stephen Leavell, Team Spine

Jhoric De Guzman,

Jesse Scatton, Bicycles Plus

Ed Arthur,

Erik Luk,

David Neubeck, Runningshoes.Com

Nick Llewellyn, Santa Cruz Spokesman

Curtis Inglis,

Mike Eaton, Team Adelanig

John Kammeyer, Lematin Ritchey

Johannes Schmidt, Ritchey Pab

Shadd Smith, Bike Source

Paul Sadosky, Squndracorsa / Ndsu

David Pauls, Palisades Mtn

Stosh Bankston,

Joseph Mcnerny,

Masters men 35-39:
1. Todd Hoefer, Sallyspicer.Com, 0:43:40

2. Andy Applegate, CCA / Trek, 0:43:53

3. Jonathan Card, Cane Creek/Kavik Bicycles, 0:44:31

4. Mark Noble, Camarillo Ravens, 0:44:37

5. James Scatton, Steelman Cycles, 0:44:45

6. Greg Ferguson, Wissahickon Cycles, 0:44:58

7. Chris D’Aluisio, Specialized, 0:45:04

8. Kenny Williams, Saturn of Belluve, 0:45:08

9. Rich Maile, Clif Bar/Bianchi, 0:45:16

10. Jonathan Myers, Team S&M, 0:45:23

11. Art O’Connor, Guthrie Race Club/Spy, 0:45:24

12. Mark Howland, Blackmarket Racing/Scooby Snax, 0:45:25

13. Douglas Ott, Sally Spicer.Com, 0:45:30

14. Will Black, 0:45:35

15. Pat Schott, Blackmarket Racing, 0:45:42

16. Emilio Cervantes, Excel Sports, 0:46:00

17. Jon Cariveau, Moots Cycles, 0:46:11

18. Timothy Haitz, Dupont/Ritchey, 0:46:30

19. Samuel Mors,e Mass Bay Road Club, 0:46:33

20. Dale Plant, Kona, 0:46:36

21. John McCaffrey, Bike N Hike/Giant, 0:46:41

22. Michael Matthew,s Buy-Cell, 0:46:52

23. Scott Fifield, Bike Warehouse, 0:47:03

24. John Verheul, Ideal Tile, 0:47:53

25. Gannon Myall, Mako/Galaxy Granola, 0:48:13

-1 Paul Weiss Portland Velo Club

Mitchell Bramlett

David Gill Santa Cruz County Cycling Club

Christopher Smith Rage/Harpoon/Int,Bike

Kevin Vincent

Michael Satterfield Gvc/Cycles De Oro-North State Cheverolet

Thomas Hoeffel Steelman/Cyclesports

Ron Gutierrez Sycip

Marty Netzel

Tim Brennan Sycip

Evan Adams

James Brown Rad Racing Nw

Charles Hess Team Bicycle Trip

Richard Sangalli Bianchi Usa

Steve Ouzounian Missing Link/Bianchi

Brian Laird Kestrel

Doug Graver

Scott Lynch Berkeley Bicycle Club

Richard Parks Davis Bike Club

Chip Baker

Paul Cusick Pbo/ Spinergy

Bill Irving Eastern Mountain Sports Climbing School

Todd Cassan

Steve Gayner Team Wisconsin

Kirk Olson Pedal Home.Com / Rogue Wave

Mark Gilbreath

Jay Mckeown Bikesport

Doug Mcwhinney Celo Pacific Bicycle Racing Team

Vance Russell Davis Bike Club

Christopher Gallup

Brent Tharp Clif Bar / Denver Spoke

Charlie Storm Cycling Spoken Here

Mark Mastoras

Brad Cockman Reno Hilton

Gregory Towers Steelman Cycles

Troy Boone Rideitlikeustoleit!

Hans Kellner Sycip

Sean Wittmer

Christopher Merriam T.E.A.M. Fuji

Jeff Hane Tww/Zanotti

Paul Poisson

Dan Depaemelaere Pedalhome.Com/Roguewave

Gary Hanson Kelly Bikes

Jessie Gascon

Shawn Miller Davis Bike Club

Benito Quintana

Terrence Curley Hancock / Mcguire

Brian Ort Uc Santa Cruz

Cesar Chavez

Jay Downs

James Kellener Ritchey

Steve Mc Caw Alcal – Arcade

Master Women 30-34

1 Kathleen Lenno, Ritchey/Palo Alto Bicycles, 0:46:32

2 Allison Baumhefner 0:48:03

3 Katrina Davis Richard Sachs, 0:48:51

4 Lauren Costantini, Sycip, 0:49:43

5 Helene Drumm, Team Spine, 0:49:45

6 Janie Dalton, Missing Link, 0:50:11

7 Margell Abel, Veritas, 0:51:47

8 Megan Render, Team Snow Valley, At 1 Lap

9 Melanie Dominguez, Bike Trip,

10 Esther Davis Outback Bikes,

11 Shauna Potocky, The Bike Trip, Santa Cruz,

12 Julie Brothers,

Michelle Lee, Velo Bella Monterey, Pulled

Masters women 35-39

1. Shari Kain, Rlx Ralph Lauren, 0:45:48

2. Suzanne King, Sunnyside Sports, 0:47:56

3. Shelly Whisenhant, Veloibella, 0:47:57

4. Lisa Peck, Biogen, 0:49:41

5. Dorothy Wong Kelly Bike Company, 0:50:28

6. Wanda Howlett, 0:50:54

7. Colleen Wanty, Missing Link/Bianchi, 0:52:00

8. Sheila Moon, Sally Spicer.Com, At 1 Lap

9. Jacqui Lockwood, Iccc-Team Ironclad,

10. Sami Fournier, Snow Valley,

11. Kathleen Bortolussi, Another Bike Shop,

DNF Teresa Jarzemkoski Pulled

Masters women 40-44

1. Jodi Groesbeck, Putney/West Hill, 0:47:48

2. Karen Kenlan, Sunnyside Sports, 0:51:07

3. Susan Maclean Gearworks/Srp, At 1 Lap

4. Andrea Mackie, Moots Cycles,

5. Celeste Mccartney, Missing Link/Bianchi,

6. Tammy Ebersole, Evolution Racing/ Indy Fab.,

7. Marguerite Meyer

8. Monica Neilson, Velo Bella,

9. Donna Anderson, Evolution Racing,

10. Kathleen Meyer,

11. Jessica Hickel, Velo Bella,

12. Amy Burrer

DNF Roxy Cate, Enselle – Nomad, Pulled

Anne Lannan, Veritas, Pulled

Masters women 45+:

1. Linda Elgart, Webcor/Alta Velo, 0:50:56

2. Kathy Sarvary, Mid State Cycling Club, 0:52:00

3. Vivian Chwalinski, J&P Bikes, At 1 Lap

4. Bonnie Stoeckle, Evolution, At 1 Lap

5. Tracy Lea, Team Fuji, At 1 Lap

Dnf. Tove Shere Pulled

Jenny Frayer, Reno Wheelmen, Pulled

Carol Breed

Jeanne Bernhard, Celo Pacific Racing Club,

Elia Meza, Mako/Galaxy Granola,

Trudi Rebsamen

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