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Technical FAQ with Lennard Zinn: Deda Mag00 road stem

Features: The Mag00 is a superlight magnesium stem for an oversized 31.7mm handlebar diameter. It is machined from AZ 80 A, T5 temper magnesium, under a controlled inert-gas atmosphere and immediately coated afterwards to prevent the oxidation and consequent weakening of the magnesium. The four-bolt front cap is made of carbon fiber with, according to Deda, the fibers oriented along the lines of force. All bolts are 6/4 titanium for a 4mm hex key. The Mag 00 comes in an 80-degree angle with lengths of 90, 100, 110,120, 130 and 140mm.

Likes: The stem is extremely light while being adequately stiff. I was pleasantly surprised by its stiffness, actually, especially when you consider that it weighs only about 100 grams!

Dislikes: You have to really want the light weight, since it will lighten your wallet a lot.

Other: Lots of care is required (and a torque wrench!) not to over-tighten the small bolts in this low-density material.

Test dates: April and May, 2002

Conditions: Road riding

Weight: 130 mm: 118 grams (shim for a 1-inch steerer: 12 grams)

Price: $285

Contact: Deda Elementi, Via Leonardo Da Vinci 21/23, 26013 CampagnolaCremasca (CR), Italy; (39) 0373-75 01 29, fax (39) 0373-75 11 05; Web www.dedaelementi.com

e-mail: dedaelementi@dedaelementi.com

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