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Giro: Simoni gets some satisfaction

By Andrew Hood

Simoni towed Casagrande in the closing kilometers and then beat him at the line.

Simoni towed Casagrande in the closing kilometers and then beat him at the line.

Photo: Graham Watson

A smiling Gilberto Simoni denied Thursday’s stage-win at CampitelloMatese had anything to do with revenge. According to the defending Giro d’Italia champion, his accelerations weren’t related to the scandal surrounding his now-costly dentist visit back in April.

“No, today wasn’t revenge,” said Simoni, who dominated Thursday’s 140-km11th stage. “I felt bad yesterday because of stupid negligence. It shouldnot have happened. It was very difficult yesterday. I feel sorry for the team and for the sponsor. When I am on the bike, I am thinking only about pedaling. In the night, I am human and I think about these things, but today was about the bike race.”

Simoni rode like a man inspired – perhaps angered – setting the race-breaking tempo up the final 5 km of the 16-km climb to the ski resort at Campitello Matese. For Simoni, it was a good day.

Wednesday had been a very bad day for Simoni. News broke he had failed anout-of-competition test conducted by the World Anti-Doping Agency backin late April. WADA examiners found traces of cocaine, which Simoni contends came from a visit to the dentist.

But back on the bike the scandal disolved — at least for the moment — Simoni accelerated hard and only archrival Francesco Casagrande (Fassa Bortolo) could follow. The pair finished one-two for the stage, a finish order that would suit Simoni just fine when this tour wraps up in Milan on June 2.

“I had hoped Casagrande would have worked harder. He didn’t take onepull so the differences to the others were not as great as they could havebeen,” Simoni said. “I wasn’t going 100-percent because I thought Casagrande would make a fool of me at the finish. He said he wanted to win, but I said ‘No way, I have done all the work.’”

If Simoni wasn’t going 100-percent, his rivals should be worried. Hedropped everyone save Casagrande, but strong headwinds as high as 40 mphbuffeted the racers on the final approach, limiting the losses. Casagrande, who began the day 19 seconds ahead of Simoni in the overall standings , seemed content to sit on his rival’s wheel.

Steve Zampieri and Renzo Mazzolini

Steve Zampieri and Renzo Mazzolini

Photo: Graham Watson

Early in the race, Steve Zampieri (Tacconi) and Renzo Mazzolini (Colpack)attacked at the 19 km mark of a largely flat to rolling stage that turned dramatically upward only for that final 13.7-km climb to the finish. The two escapees built a lead that grew to more than eight minutes, until Casagrande’s Fassa Bortolos took charge at the head of the peloton. The two held on to their lead until the middle flanks of the climb.

As the road to Campitello Matese steepened, a series of riders launchedattacks off the front.

Meanwhile, the man for whom this mountain would have been a molehill just two years ago, Marco Pantani (Mercatone Uno)faded just as things got hard.

At the front, Joacquim Castelblanco (Colombia-Sella Italia) and Julio Perez Cuapio (Panaria) jumped with 10 km to go. Saeco’s Marius Sabaliauskas and Lotto’s Rik Verbrugghe chased unsuccessfully. The lead group was whittled down to about 20 riders when Simoni charged hard and Casagrande held his wheel to the finish. Riders split into three groups, with American Tyler Hamilton struggling in the final 3 km.

At the finish, Casagrande sprinted first but proved to be no match for the super-motivated Simoni, who came around for the win. Franco Pelizotti (Alessio), Fernando Escartin (Coast), Dario Frigo (Tacconi), Andrea Noé (Mapei), Castelblanco and Pietro Caucchioli (Alessio) finished at 4 seconds back.

Kelme’s Aitor Gonzalez finished alone in 9th at 11 seconds back while Juan Garate (Lampre), Juan Ramirez (Colombia-Selle Italia), Georg Totschnig (Gerolsteiner), Paolo Savoldelli (Alessio), Cadel Evans (Mapei), Wladimir Belli (Fassa Bortolo)and Perez Cuapio finished in the second group at 18 seconds back.

Still in control: Heppner did better than many would have expected.

Still in control: Heppner did better than many would have expected.

Photo: Graham Watson

Hamilton finished in the third group in 23rd at 42 seconds back.

Race leader Jens Heppner (Telekom) lost contact when the lead groupafter Simoni’s accelerations, but rode strong to hold the maglia rosafor another day, finishing 32nd and only lost 1:02 to Simoni.

Tough day for Tyler

CSC-Tiscali’s Tyler Hamilton suffered stomach cramps in the closingthree kilometers of Thursday’s climbing stage, finished 23rd and lost 42 seconds to Giro favorites Simoni and Casagrande. It’s not how Hamiltonwanted to write the script.

“All the way up the climb I was OK, but with three kilometers to goI had some serious cramps in my stomach,” Hamilton told VeloNewsat the finish. “We turned the hairpin and we had a full headwind and Icouldn’t hide it anymore. It could have been worse. Still, it was timeI wasn’t planning on losing.”Hamilton said he’s been taking prescribed anti-inflammatories to fightpain and swelling caused by crashes earlier in the Giro and wondered ifthat might have been behind some of his difficulties.Hamilton was riding strong in third position behind Simoni and Casagrandeon the lower flanks of the 16-km climb. Strong cross- and headwinds blastedthe peloton as they wound up the steep climb. When Simoni started drivinghard with 5 km to go, splitting the lead group, Hamilton struggled to stayon his wheel. Teammate Carlos Sastre — the man from whom Hamilton borroweda bike after that Stage 5 crash — stayed with Hamilton and helped himto the finish in the third group.“If we lose only 42 seconds, we can live with that,” said CSC team bossBjarne Riis. “I’m satisfied with how the team rode today, especially (Carlos)Sastre. Tyler is disappointed, of course, but I told him there’s stilla long way.”Hamilton slipped from 12th to 14th overall at 4:26 back. He gained 20seconds on race-leader Jens Heppner but lost valuable time to Simoni, Casagrandeand others.

Evans hanging with the big boys

The forced departure of Stefano Garzelli and the injury to Paolo Bettinihas shaken the Mapei team, but they have decided to push on. The team isnow rallying behind Andrea Noé and former mountain biker Cadel Evans,who is here riding his first Giro.Both riders finished strong in Thursday’s climbing stage, with Evans10th overall at 4:03 back and Noé at 13th overall at 4:22 back.Evans slipped off the lead group when Simoni accelerated and worked witha second chase group to finish 14th in the stage at 18 seconds back. Noéworked in the first chase group to finish 6th at 4 seconds back.“I just didn’t have the legs today,” Evans said after the stage. “Thewind was really strong at the end. I like climbs that are steeper and todaythe pace was very fast. Simoni was really driving hard. Still, I’m satisfiedbecause I got with a group and we worked together to the finish.”

Rasmussen ‘riding on one leg’

Former world mountain bike champion Michael Rasmussen said Thursday’sstage was like “riding on one leg” when his back wheel came lose and rubbedagainst his brakes whenever he stood out of the saddle.“The bike wheel had 2 cm (about .75 inches) of play in it and wheneverI tried to stand the brakes would rub,” Rasmussen said. “It’s hard to climbwhen you have the brakes on the whole time.”Rasmussen’s been cursed with problems during this Giro. The CSC-Tiscalirider flatted going into Liege and he broke a spoke going up the climbto Limone Piemonte in stage 5.“The legs are there but it really sucks because I am supposed to bethere to help Tyler in the end of the climbs,” Rasmussen said. “It washard today, going from 35 degrees (Celsius) yesterday to something like15 degrees today with a very strong headwind.”

Simoni investigation opens
Italian prosecutors announced Wednesday they will open an investigationinto the Simoni case. The same official who investigated Marco Pantaniin 1999 will make inquiries into Simoni’s assertion that a visit to thedentist was the reason for his positive test for cocaine in an out-of-competitionWADA test in late April.Prosecutors will collect information and take testimony from witnessesas well as check if samples taken by the WADA examiners are the same typeadministered by the dentist who Simoni says gave him the injection. Fornow, Simoni remains in the Giro

.Saeco now in jeopardy for Tour
Saeco’s invitation to the Tour de France could be in jeopardy. Saecowas among five wild card teams named last month to round out the 21 teamsinvited to start the 2002 Tour. Tour de France director Jean-Marie Leblancsaid he is watching the Simoni case closely. If Simoni is suspended fromthe Giro, Leblanc said another team will be invited to replace it, mostlikely Coast, which was perhaps the strongest team left out of the Tour.“It’s not good news,” Simoni said after winning Thursday’s stage. “TheTour is part of my plans this year and I am still hopeful to go. Now everythinghas changed. It is out of my hands.”Saeco team management releaseda statement before the start of Thursday’s stage confirming their supportand belief in Simoni. The team, however, added it would respect any disciplinaryaction against Simoni he’s found guilty of doping.“We regret how all this has occurred,” said team manager Claudio Corti.“Why wasn’t this information released before the Giro started? We willkeep racing, but what we don’t want to happen is to win the Giro and thenhave it later taken away because of this case.”

Pouring salt on the wound?
More bizarre doping news came out of Italy on Thursday when tests cameback from French labs indicating that one of the mysterious vials found inside Dario Frigo’s room last year during the Giro’s San Remo raids contained a saline solution to use to clean contact lenses. Frigo, who was in second-place overall when the raids occurred, was promptly fired by his Fasso Bortolo team and served a nine-month suspension after police found testosterone and two vials of an experimental hemaglobin modifier from a U.S. pharmaceutical company.“I had it in my bag, yes. I told the judge everything. I knew it was false, but in life there are things you cannot change,” Frigo told the Italian TuttoSport newspaper. “The nice thing is I am back in racing. I am only sorry I could not come back for so long.” Why Frigo would keep saline solution in a Hemassist vial was not explained.

Rumeur du Jour
The rumor flying around the newsroom at deadline was that Marco Pantaniwould not start Friday’s stage. Il Pirata has not had wind in hissails since the 2000 season, when he won two stages in the Tour de Francebefore he abandoned. Pantani finished 82nd at 8:16 back in Thursday’s stageand fell to 56th overall at 19:45 back.

Where it stands: 85th Giro d’Italia

Stage 11, Benevento to Campitello Matese, 140 kilometers, May23, 2002
Stage winner: Gilberto Simoni (I), Saeco – 4 hours, 3 minutes,37 seconds, 35.219 km/h
Overall leader: Jens Heppner (G), Telekom – Kept lead for sixthday, but lost 1:02 to stage winner.
Points jersey: Massimo Strazzer (I), Phonak
Intergiro jersey: Massimo Strazzer (I), Phonak
Climber’s jersey: Simoni
Best team: Kelme-Costa Blanca
Peloton: Robbie McEwen (Lotto), winner of two stages, did notstart as he announced after his victory Wednesday to prepare for the Tourde France. There were no abandons and 169 riders remain in the Giro.

UCI jury decisions:
Michael Boogerd (Rabobank), fined 40 Swiss francs for receiving a pushfrom the crowd; Tyler Hamilton (CSC-Tiscali), fined 50 Swiss francs for“comportement incorrect”; Giancarlo Ferretti, directeur sport Fassa Bortolo,fined 100 Swiss francs for not respecting the instructions of the commissaries.

Injury report:
Stephan Schreck (Telekom) crashed at 40 km without serious injuries

.Up next: Stage 12, Campobasso to Chieti, 200 km
A long, difficult stage takes the Giro north to Chieti just inlandfrom the Adriatic Sea. The day’s two major climbs come early – the category-twoValicio del Macerone at 55 km and the category-one Valicio di Rionero Sannitico at 68 km. The course continues to rise to Roccaraso at 87 km for the Intergiro sprint. The course descends and there are three short but difficult climbs over the final 30 km.

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1. Gilberto SIMONI (I), Saeco, 4:03:37

2. Francesco CASAGRANDE (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 0:00

3. Franco PELLIZOTTI (I), Alessio, at 0:04

4. Fernando ESCARTIN (Sp), Coast, at 0:04

5. Dario FRIGO (I), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi, at 0:04

6. Andrea NOE: (I), Mapei, at 0:04

7. Joaquim CASTELBLANCO (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia, at 0:04

8. Pietro CAUCCHIOLI (I), Alessio, at 0:04

9. Aitor GONZALEZ JIMENEZ (Sp), Kelme, at 0:11

10. Juan Manuel GARATE (Sp), Lampre, at 0:18

11. Juan D. RAMIREZ (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia, at 0:18

12. Georg TOTSCHNIG (A), Gerolsteiner, at 0:18

13. Paolo SAVOLDELLI (I), Index Alexia, at 0:18

14. Cadel EVANS (Aus), Mapei, at 0:18

15. Wladimir BELLI (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 0:18

16. Julio PEREZ CUAPIO (Mex), Panaria, at 0:18

17. Ivan GOTTI (I), Alessio, at 0:32

18. Cristian MORENI (I), Alessio, at 0:34

19. Rik VERBRUGGHE (B), Lotto, at 0:42

20. Kurt VAN DE WOUWER (B), Lotto, at 0:42

21. Pavel TONKOV (Rus), Lampre, at 0:42

22. Carlos SASTRE CANDIL (Sp), CSC-Tiscali, at 0:42

23. Tyler HAMILTON (USA), CSC-Tiscali, at 0:42

24. Michael BOOGERD (Nl), Rabobank, at 0:50

25. Yaroslav POPOVYCH (Ukr), Landbouwkrediet-Colnago, at 1:02

26. Michele SCARPONI (I), Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo, at 1:02

27. Oscar PEREIRO SIO (Sp), Phonak, at 1:02

28. Dario David CIONI (I), Mapei, at 1:02

29. Serhiy HONCHAR (Ukr), Fassa Bortolo, at 1:02

30. Hernan Dario MUNOZ (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia, at 1:02

31. Marius SABALIAUSKAS (Lit), Saeco, at 1:02

32. Jens HEPPNER (G), Telekom, at 1:02

33. Davide REBELLIN (I), Gerolsteiner, at 1:02

34. Juan DE LOS ANGELES (Sp), Kelme, at 1:02

35. Matthias KESSLER (G), Telekom, at 1:05

36. Marcelino GARCIA ALONSO (Sp), CSC-Tiscali, at 1:45

37. Francisco J. LARA RUIZ (Sp), Coast, at 1:48

38. Eddy MAZZOLENI (I), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi, at 1:48

39. Addy ENGELS (Nl), Rabobank, at 2:18

40. Manuel BELTRAN (Sp), Coast, at 2:23

41. Michael RASMUSSEN (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, at 2:23

42. Luis LAVERDE JIMENEZ (Col), Formaggi-Trentini, at 2:23

43. Vladimir DUMA (Ukr), Panaria, at 2:23

44. Grischa NIERMANN (G), Rabobank, at 2:47

45. Gianni FARESIN (I), Gerolsteiner, at 2:47

46. Andrea PERON (I), CSC-Tiscali, at 2:47

47. Daniele DE PAOLI (I), Alessio, at 2:47

48. Andrei MIZOUROV (Kaz), Mercatone Uno, at 3:02

49. Gustavo OTERO GOMEZ (Sp), Kelme, at 3:30

50. Sylvester SZMYD (Pol), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi, at 3:38

51. Renzo MAZZOLENI (I), Team Colpack-Astro, at 4:15

52. Igor PUGACI (Mda), Saeco, at 4:34

53. Roberto SGAMBELLURI (I), Mercatone Uno, at 4:37

54. Paolo LANFRANCHI (I), Index Alexia, at 4:37

55. Sergiy ADYEYEV (Ukr), Landbouwkrediet-Colnago, at 4:37

56. Gabriele MISSAGLIA (I), Lampre, at 4:37

57. Daniele NARDELLO (I), Mapei, at 4:37

58. Manuel CALVENTE (Sp), CSC-Tiscali, at 4:37

59. Hector MESA MESA (Col), Formaggi-Trentini, at 5:17

60. Massimo CODOL (I), Lampre, at 5:40

61. Mariano PICCOLI (I), Lampre, at 5:40

62. Sergio BARBERO (I), Lampre, at 6:07

63. Torsten HIEKMANN (G), Telekom, at 6:07

64. Angel VICIOSO ARCOS (Sp), Kelme, at 6:07

65. J. Carlos DOMINGUEZ (Sp), Phonak, at 6:07

66. Francisco CEREZO PERALES Francisco (Sp), CSC-Tiscali, at 6:07

67. Igor ASTARLOA (Sp), Saeco, at 6:07

68. Ruben Alverio MARIN (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia, at 6:07

69. Denis LUNGHI (I), Team Colpack-Astro, at 6:35

70. Alessandro SPEZIALETTI (I), Saeco, at 6:50

71. Vladimir MIHOLIEVIC (Cro), Alessio, at 7:17

72. Steve ZAMPIERI (Swi), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi, at 7:55

73. Fabio SACCHI (I), Saeco, at 8:16

74. Alessio GALLETTI (I), Saeco, at 8:16

75. Oscar MASON (I), Saeco, at 8:16

76. Christophe DETILLOUX (B), Lotto, at 8:16

77. Matthias BUXHOFER (A), Phonak, at 8:16

78. Jimmi MADSEN (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, at 8:16

79. Luca MAZZANTI (I), Mercatone Uno, at 8:16

80. Jan BOVEN (Nl), Rabobank, at 8:16

81. Antonio RIZZI (I), Formaggi-Trentini, at 8:16

82. Marco PANTANI (I), Mercatone Uno, at 8:16

83. Ruggero MARZOLI (I), Formaggi-Trentini, at 8:16

84. Bo HAMBURGER (Dk), Index Alexia, at 8:16

85. Cayetano JULIA CEGARRA (Sp), Kelme, at 8:16

86. Geert VERHEYEN (B), Rabobank, at 8:16

87. Thierry MARICHAL (B), Lotto, at 8:16

88. Matteo GIGLI (I), Team Colpack-Astro, at 8:16

89. Marc LOTZ (Nl), Rabobank, at 8:16

90. Francisco LEON MANE (Sp), Kelme, at 8:16

91. Raphael SCHWEDA (G), Coast, at 8:16

92. Thorwald VENEBERG (Nl), Rabobank, at 8:16

93. Serguei YAKOVLEV (Kaz), Telekom, at 8:16

94. Maximilian SCIANDRI (GB), Lampre, at 8:16

95. Davide BRAMATI (I), Mapei, at 8:16

96. Milan KADLEC (Cz), Lampre, at 8:16

97. Daniele RIGHI (I), Index Alexia, at 8:16

98. Rolf SORENSEN (Dk), Landbouwkrediet-Colnago, at 13:40

99. Lorenzo BERNUCCI (I), Landbouwkrediet-Colnago, at 13:40

100. Uros MURN (Slo), Formaggi-Trentini, at 13:40

101. Matteo CARRARA (I), Team Colpack-Astro, at 13:40

102. Aart VIERHOUTEN (Nl), Lotto, at 13:40

103. Mathew HAYMAN (Aus), Rabobank, at 13:40

104. Gian Mario ORTENZI (I), Mercatone Uno, at 13:40

105. Steven DE JONGH (Nl), Rabobank, at 14:00

106. Matteo TOSATTO (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 14:00

107. Massimo STRAZZER (I), Phonak, at 14:00

108. Massimo APOLLONIO (I), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi, at 14:00

109. Mauro RADAELLI (I), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi, at 14:00

110. Alessandro PETACCHI (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 14:00

111. Malte URBAN (G), Coast, at 14:00

112. Angelo FURLAN (I), Alessio, at 14:00

113. Lars MICHAELSEN (Dk), Coast, at 14:00

114. Michele COLLEONI (I), Team Colpack-Astro, at 14:00

115. Zoran KLEMENCIC (Slo), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi, at 14:00

116. Denis ZANETTE (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 14:00

117. Peter WROLICH (A), Gerolsteiner, at 14:00

118. Stefan VAN DIJCK (Nl), Lotto, at 14:00

119. Domenico GUALDI (I), Formaggi-Trentini, at 14:00

120. Mauro GEROSA (I), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi, at 14:00

121. Alessandro BERTOLINI (I), Alessio, at 14:00

122. Danny JONASSON (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, at 14:00

123. Simone BERTOLETTI (I), Lampre, at 14:00

124. Rene: HASELBACHER (A), Gerolsteiner, at 14:00

125. Fabrice GOUGOT (F), Phonak, at 14:00

126. Yuri MITLUSHENKO (Ukr), Landbouwkrediet-Colnago, at 14:00

127. Mario CIPOLLINI (I), Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo, at 14:00

128. John Freddy GARCIA (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia, at 14:00

129. Yauheni SENIUSHKINE BLR Panaria, at 14:00

130. Hidenori NODERA (Jp), Team Colpack-Astro, at 14:00

131. Jan SCHAFFRATH (G), Telekom, at 14:00

132. Volodymyr BILEKA (Ukr), Landbouwkrediet-Colnago, at 14:00

133. Ralf GRABSCH (G), Telekom, at 14:00

134. Saja GAJICIC (Yu), Formaggi-Trentini, at 14:00

135. Bert GRABSCH (G), Phonak, at 14:00

136. Marc STREEL (B), Landbouwkrediet-Colnago, at 14:00

137. Stephan SCHRECK (G), Telekom, at 14:00

138. Paolo FORNACIARI (I), Mapei, at 14:00

139. Ief VERBRUGGHE (B), Lotto, at 14:00

140. Miguel Angel MEZA (Mex), Team Colpack-Astro, at 14:00

141. Daniele CONTRINI (I), Gerolsteiner, at 14:00

142. Kai HUNDERTMARK (G), Telekom, at 14:00

143. Moreno DI BIASE (I), Formaggi-Trentini, at 14:00

144. Alexandre MOOS (Swi), Phonak, at 14:00

145. Enrico DEGANO (I), Panaria, at 14:00

146. Biagio CONTE (I), Saeco, at 14:00

147. Fabrizio GUIDI (I), Coast, at 14:00

148. Andre: KORFF (G), Coast, at 14:00

149. Oscar CAVAGNIS (I), Landbouwkrediet-Colnago, at 14:00

150. Dmitri KONYSHEV (Rus), Fassa Bortolo, at 14:00

151. Ellis RASTELLI (I), Gerolsteiner, at 14:00

152. Denis BONDARENKO (Rus), Formaggi-Trentini, at 14:00

153. Gabriele COLOMBO (I), Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo, at 14:00

154. Cristian GASPERONI (I), Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo, at 14:00

155. Mario SCIREA (I), Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo, at 14:00

156. Giovanni LOMBARDI (I), Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo, at 14:00

157. Guido TRENTI (I), Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo, at 14:00

158. Roberto CONTI (I), Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo, at 14:00

159. Mario MANZONI (I), Index Alexia, at 14:00

160. Martin DERGANC (Slo), Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo, at 14:00

161. Frank HOJ (Dk), Coast, at 14:00

162. Sven TEUTENBERG (G), Phonak, at 14:00

163. Isaac GALVEZ LOPEZ (Sp), Kelme, at 14:00

164. Mykhaylo KHALILOV (Ukr), Colombia-Selle Italia, at 16:31

165. Dario ANDRIOTTO (I), Index Alexia, at 16:41

166. Ivan QUARANTA (I), Index Alexia, at 16:41

167. Fabiano FONTANELLI (I), Mercatone Uno, at 16:41

168. Eddy SERRI (I), Index Alexia, at 16:43

169. Mauro ZINETTI (I), Index Alexia, at 16:46.

DNS Robbie MCEWEN (Aus), Lotto,


1. Jens HEPPNER (G), Telekom, 52:54:27

2. Francesco CASAGRANDE (I), Fassa Bortolo, 2:58

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4. Paolo SAVOLDELLI (I), Index Alexia, 3:43

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49. Igor ASTARLOA (Sp), Saeco, 16:31

50. Andrei MIZOUROV (Kaz), Mercatone Uno, 17:14

51. Denis LUNGHI (I), Team Colpack-Astro, 17:38

52. Massimo CODOL (I), Lampre, 18:17

53. Luis LAVERDE JIMENEZ (Col), Formaggi-Trentini, 19:20

54. Daniele NARDELLO (I), Mapei, 19:25

55. Matthias BUXHOFER (A), Phonak, 19:36

56. Marco PANTANI (I), Mercatone Uno, 19:45

57. Vladimir MIHOLIEVIC (Cro), Alessio, 20:17

58. Luca MAZZANTI (I), Mercatone Uno, 21:10

59. Marius SABALIAUSKAS (Lit), Saeco, 21:20

60. Francisco CEREZO PERALES Francisco (Sp), CSC-Tiscali, 21:51

61. Mariano PICCOLI (I), Lampre, 22:18

62. Sylvester SZMYD (Pol), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi, 23:09

63. Fabrizio GUIDI (I), Coast, 23:15

64. Geert VERHEYEN (B), Rabobank, 23:19

65. Manuel CALVENTE (Sp), CSC-Tiscali, 24:17

66. Sergio BARBERO (I), Lampre, 25:04

67. Maximilian SCIANDRI (GB), Lampre, 25:39

68. Gabriele MISSAGLIA (I), Lampre, 29:10

69. Roberto SGAMBELLURI (I), Mercatone Uno, 29:28

70. Alexandre MOOS (Swi), Phonak, 31:44

71. Daniele RIGHI (I), Index Alexia, 31:47

72. Marcelino GARCIA ALONSO (Sp), CSC-Tiscali, 31:53

73. Ruggero MARZOLI (I), Formaggi-Trentini, 32:45

74. Fabio SACCHI (I), Saeco, 32:49

75. Sergiy ADYEYEV (Ukr), Landbouwkrediet-Colnago, 32:54

76. Giovanni LOMBARDI (I), Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo, 33:02

77. Davide BRAMATI (I), Mapei, 33:12

78. Michael RASMUSSEN (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, 33:54

79. Andrea PERON (I), CSC-Tiscali, 34:07

80. Jan BOVEN (Nl), Rabobank, 34:28

81. Alessandro SPEZIALETTI (I), Saeco, 35:27

82. Matteo CARRARA (I), Team Colpack-Astro, 35:49

83. Milan KADLEC (Cz), Lampre, 36:39

84. Matteo TOSATTO (I), Fassa Bortolo, 38:36

85. Thorwald VENEBERG (Nl), Rabobank, 39:34

86. Francisco LEON MANE (Sp), Kelme, 39:46

87. Ruben Alverio MARIN (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia, 40:17

88. Gian Mario ORTENZI (I), Mercatone Uno, 40:18

89. Oscar MASON (I), Saeco, 41:23

90. Lorenzo BERNUCCI (I), Landbouwkrediet-Colnago, 41:58

91. Uros MURN (Slo), Formaggi-Trentini, 42:33

92. Alessandro PETACCHI (I), Fassa Bortolo, 42:52

93. Bert GRABSCH (G), Phonak, 42:55

94. Marc LOTZ (Nl), Rabobank, 43:52

95. Steven DE JONGH (Nl), Rabobank, 44:48

96. Bo HAMBURGER (Dk), Index Alexia, 44:56

97. Raphael SCHWEDA (G), Coast, 45:02

98. Cayetano JULIA CEGARRA (Sp), Kelme, 46:16

99. Serguei YAKOVLEV (Kaz), Telekom, 46:35

100. John Freddy GARCIA (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia, 46:44

101. Mario CIPOLLINI (I), Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo, 46:55

102. Renzo MAZZOLENI (I), Team Colpack-Astro, 48:31

103. Mykhaylo KHALILOV (Ukr), Colombia-Selle Italia, 48:38

104. Mathew HAYMAN (Aus), Rabobank, 49:57

105. Michele COLLEONI (I), Team Colpack-Astro, 51:40

106. Aart VIERHOUTEN (Nl), Lotto, 52:19

107. Paolo FORNACIARI (I), Mapei, 52:31

108. Stephan SCHRECK (G), Telekom, 52:41

109. Peter WROLICH (A), Gerolsteiner, 53:10

110. Kai HUNDERTMARK (G), Telekom, 53:18

111. Mauro GEROSA (I), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi, 53:52

112. Denis BONDARENKO (Rus), Formaggi-Trentini, 54:00

113. Martin DERGANC (Slo), Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo, 54:03

114. Mario SCIREA (I), Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo, 54:23

115. Thierry MARICHAL (B), Lotto, 55:25

116. Rene: HASELBACHER (A), Gerolsteiner, 56:51

117. Lars MICHAELSEN (Dk), Coast, 57:13

118. Hector MESA MESA (Col), Formaggi-Trentini, 57:15

119. Biagio CONTE (I), Saeco, 57:45

120. Ralf GRABSCH (G), Telekom, 57:54

121. Alessio GALLETTI (I), Saeco, 58:02

122. Andre: KORFF (G), Coast, 59:14

123. Oscar CAVAGNIS (I), Landbouwkrediet-Colnago, 59:26

124. Jan SCHAFFRATH (G), Telekom, 1:00:12

125. Massimo APOLLONIO (I), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi, 1:01:09

126. Roberto CONTI (I), Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo, 1:01:27

127. Volodymyr BILEKA (Ukr), Landbouwkrediet-Colnago, 1:01:41

128. Jimmi MADSEN (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, 1:02:05

129. Mauro RADAELLI (I), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi, 1:02:19

130. Massimo STRAZZER (I), Phonak, 1:02:51

131. Isaac GALVEZ LOPEZ (Sp), Kelme, 1:03:19

132. Alessandro BERTOLINI (I), Alessio, 1:03:47

133. Sven TEUTENBERG (G), Phonak, 1:04:46

134. Frank HOJ (Dk), Coast, 1:05:00

135. Steve ZAMPIERI (Swi), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi, 1:05:08

136. Christophe DETILLOUX (B), Lotto, 1:05:19

137.. Guido TRENTI (I), Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo, 1:05:44

138. Dmitri KONYSHEV (Rus), Fassa Bortolo, 1:06:21

139. Stefan VAN DIJCK (Nl), Lotto, 1:06:22

140. Fabrice GOUGOT (F), Phonak, 1:07:35

141. Simone BERTOLETTI (I), Lampre, 1:08:29

142. Denis ZANETTE (I), Fassa Bortolo, 1:08:59

143. Rolf SORENSEN (Dk), Landbouwkrediet-Colnago, 1:10:01

144. Gabriele COLOMBO (I), Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo, 1:10:36

145. Danny JONASSON (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, 1:11:29

146. Angelo FURLAN (I), Alessio, 1:11:35

147. Miguel Angel MEZA (Mex), Team Colpack-Astro, 1:11:43

148. Yauheni SENIUSHKINE BLR Panaria, 1:12:26

149. Ellis RASTELLI (I), Gerolsteiner, 1:12:41

150. Daniele CONTRINI (I), Gerolsteiner, 1:13:35

151. Yuri MITLUSHENKO (Ukr), Landbouwkrediet-Colnago, 1:16:04

152. Ief VERBRUGGHE (B), Lotto, 1:16:25

153. Matteo GIGLI (I), Team Colpack-Astro, 1:17:18

154. Marc STREEL (B), Landbouwkrediet-Colnago, 1:17:32

155. Fabiano FONTANELLI (I), Mercatone Uno, 1:19:03

156. Malte URBAN (G), Coast, 1:19:08

157. Cristian GASPERONI (I), Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo, 1:21:47

158. Moreno DI BIASE (I), Formaggi-Trentini, 1:24:36

159. Mario MANZONI (I), Index Alexia, 1:25:10

160. Hidenori NODERA (Jp), Team Colpack-Astro, 1:26:44

161. Enrico DEGANO (I), Panaria, 1:28:15

162. Zoran KLEMENCIC (Slo), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi, 1:30:45

163. Domenico GUALDI (I), Formaggi-Trentini, 1:31:56

164. Antonio RIZZI (I), Formaggi-Trentini, 1:32:18

165. Ivan QUARANTA (I), Index Alexia, 1:37:21

166. Mauro ZINETTI (I), Index Alexia, 1:40:59

167. Dario ANDRIOTTO (I), Index Alexia, 1:41:59

168. Eddy SERRI (I), Index Alexia, 1:42:45

169. Saja GAJICIC (Yu), Formaggi-Trentini, 1:43:01


1. Gilberto SIMONI (I), Saeco, — 21 Points

2. Francesco CASAGRANDE (I), Fassa Bortolo, — 20

3. Ruggero MARZOLI (I), Formaggi-Trentini,– 12

4. Joaquim CASTELBLANCO (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia, — 8

5. Franco PELLIZOTTI (I), Alessio, — 6

6. Alessandro PETACCHI (I), Fassa Bortolo, — 5

7. Mariano PICCOLI (I), Lampre, — 5

8. Fernando ESCARTIN (Sp), Coast, — 4

9. Hector MESA MESA (Col), Formaggi-Trentini, — 3

10. Daniele CONTRINI (I), Gerolsteiner, — 3


1. Gilberto SIMONI (I), Saeco, — 21

2. Francesco CASAGRANDE (I), Fassa Bortolo, — 20

3. Ruggero MARZOLI (I), Formaggi-Trentini, — 12

4. Joaquim CASTELBLANCO (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia, — 8

5. Franco PELLIZOTTI (I), Alessio, — 6

6. Alessandro PETACCHI (I), Fassa Bortolo, — 5

7. Mariano PICCOLI (I), Lampre, — 5

8. Fernando ESCARTIN (Sp), Coast, — 4

9. Hector MESA MESA (Col), Formaggi-Trentini, — 3

10. Daniele CONTRINI (I), Gerolsteiner, — 3

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